AW-CS Counting Scale

AW-CS Scale 


- Removable Stainless Steel Platform                                      - 12.5" x 9" Platform (318 x 230 mm)

-Large LCD Display                                                              - AC Adapter Included

- Rechargeable Battery with AC Operation                            - Backlight

-Multiple Units: lb, kg                                                            - Capacities: 6 lb, 12 lb, 30 lb, 60 lb




Fix-100W Pack Navi

Pack Navi Scale


It is suitable and effective for weighing fresh produces (ginger, mushroom, lotus root, etc.), fishery products (fish egg, fish fillet, shucked shellfish, etc.) and daily dish (salad, etc.), where it is difficult to automate their productions having problems in production speed, weighing loss and weight shortage, etc.



- Large LCD Display                                                             - Auto-Tare Function

- Multiple Units: lb, g, oz                                                        - Scroll Wheel Switch

- 9.2" x 8" Platform (234 x 204 mm)                                      - Instant Display

- Adjustable Automatic Shut-Off                                            - Capacity: 6 lb & 13 lb

-Wireless Communication for Data Management

DP-6700 Bench/Reveiving Scale

DP-6700 Bench Scale 


An excellent, easy to use, stainless steel digital platform scale for wet environments, such as meat and seafood processing plants. The DP-6700 has a lot of useful functions such as checkweighing, fixed weighing, grading and counting.







abletop Combination Scale

Are you using a conventional checkweigher to package products?  If you are, then you are wasting precious time and money.

What is the TDW-204W?

The TDW-204W is a twelve platform, combinational checkweigher.  It will reduce the amount of giveaway, reduce the number of workers needed and increase production speed.  This equals an increase in profits!

How does it work?

Program the target weight, maximum giveaway and number of pieces into the indicator.  Place one item on each of the twelve platforms.  The TDW will calculate the weight of each item and show you, via lights at each platform, which combination of pieces falls into your target range.  For example, you want to place two lobster tails into a pack at 1/2 pound, with a maximum giveaway of 0.01 pounds per pack.  You program the target weight at 0.500 pound, the maximum giveaway at 0.510 pound and the number of pieces at 2.  Place tails on each of the twelve platforms.  The TDW-204W finds the two lobster tails closest to 0.500 pound, without going over 0.510, and shows them via lights at the two respective platforms.  One worker removes the two selected lobster tails while another loads the two vacant platforms.  The process repeats over and over.

Many Benefits

As you can see from the above example, there is no guesswork with the TDW-204W.  The product doesn't have to be cut to meet a particular weight.  Workers don't have to shuffle through several pieces of product to find one at the correct weight.  The TDW-204W will increase your productivity by reducing giveaway, reducing labor and increasing production speed.

The TDW-204W is a low profile, compact checkweigher/portion control scale that is easily installed on a benchtop in a production line.  The TDW-204W meets IP65 requirements for wet and dry environments.  All electronics are housed in sealed, waterproof housings and the load cells are hermetically sealed.

Perfect for Pre-packing

Program the target weight, maximum giveaway and number of pieces per pack into the indicator.  The TDW-204W will calculate the weight of each platform and then find the optimum combination weight for the programmed number of pieces.

Quantity Combination

Enter the number of pieces and the allowable percentage of piece weight deviation, and the TDW-204W will find the products within the deviation weight.  This is perfect for choosing pieces that are uniform in size.

Priority Combination

The TDW-204W comes with two satellite scales.  These satellite scales can be used as priority scales when packing a product.  For example, a box with a majority of the product can be placed on each of the satellite scales.  One of these satellite scales will always be chosen along with a combination of the main scales to meet the programmed weight.  The chosen product from the main scales is placed in the box to complete the package.


If you do any type of checkweighing with multiple products per pack, the TDW-204W is perfect for you!  It will save you time and eliminate giveaway.  It will also reduce labor costs.  This equals increased profits!



Body Fat Monitors


The DF301 (ClockMINI) and the DF311 (ClockNAVI) combine a small, easy to use body fat monitor with an alarm clock.  Just enter your weight, height, age and gender, and then take a 10 second measurement to get your body fat percentage and level with bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA.)  They even have memories to store your information, so you only have to enter it the first time and when it changes.  With four (ClockMINI) or nine (ClockNAVI) memories, you can save information for four or nine people, or track your body fat percentage and level for four or nine readings.  There is also a convenient temporary memory for friends and extra users.

The alarm clock can be set to remind you to take your reading at the same time every day for the most accurate results.  The clock also doubles as a handy 60 minute timer with a one second display.  They even have selectable alarm sounds, three for the DF301 (ClockMINI) and five for the DF311 (ClockNAVI).  The DF311 (ClockNAVI) also has a secondary time, for your business trips and vacations.

For complete portability, they'll run for up to a year on two AAA alkaline batteries.  These body fat monitors have been cleared for market by the Food and Drug Administration, and Yamato is an FDA registered manufacturer and distributor.  These monitors have been available in Europe and Asia for over five years and are now available in the U.S.  They will soon be available in Canada.  Please see the contraindications, below.


  • Quick, easy and accurate body fat percentage readings.

  • Four or nine permanent memories (data only needs to be entered once.)

  • Convenient temporary memory for friends and extra users.

  • Selectable 12 or 24 hour clock.

  • Secondary time for trips (DF311 only.)

  • Alarm with selectable sounds.

  • 60 minute timer.

  • Runs up to a year on two AAA batteries.

For more information: www.yamatoamericas.com




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