Balance Scales

   Rice Lake Balance Scale

  • Pan size: 5.5
  • (140mm) diameter (MB-150E, MB-300E, MB-600P, MB-1500S)4.3
  • (109mm) diameter (MB-150S)6.7” x 5.6&
  • (170 x 142mm)(MB-1500E, MB-3000E, MB-6000P)
  • Weighing modes: g, ct, oz (except MB-3000E, MB-6000P), lb (MB-3000E, MB-6000P only)
  • Large 0.64” (16.5mm) 6-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Automatic zero-tracking
  • Three units of measure
  • Double ended tuning fork load sensor eliminates warm-up time
  • 115 VAC adapter included or 230 VAC adapter optional, 50/60Hz
  • 5-year limited warranty

Bench Scales

DIGI Bench Scale With Indicator

  • Large 0.8" (20.3 mm) 6–digit red light emitting diode (LED) ; display
  • 115 or 230 VAC
  • EPD and printer port for connecting to a PC or printer
  • Programmable print output strings
  • Available in 150 lb/60 kg, 300 lb/150 kg, 500 lb/300 kg capacities
  • Selectable unit of measure lb/kg/g/oz
  • Load cell quick disconnect
  • Carbon steel platform, stainless steel platter (STL)
  • 120 wall mount bracket included

Floor Scales

Summit™ 3000 Low-Profile Package


    Summit 3000 Floor Scale and Indicator Package

  • Four NTEP-certified alloy steel shear beam load cells
  • Top access junction box
  • Rugged diamond safety treadplate steel deck
  • Four adjustable rigid polyurethane rubber feet, 3" (76.2 mm) diameter
  • Signal trim summing board housed in ABS enclosure
  • Threaded eyebolt hole (1/2-13NC) located in the center of the deck for easy lifting
  • 20 ft of EL147 load cell cable with quick disconnect 120 Digital Weight Indicator
  • Large .8" (20.3 mm) Light Emitting Diode (LED) display
  • 5-button operation
  • Full front-panel digital calibration and configuration
  • 120 wall mount bracket included

Counting Scales

DC-530 Series High-Resolution Counting Scale

    • Dot matrix, three color LCD display
    • Two modes of operation, standard and TEP
    • 1,000,000 counting resolution
    • 200 item memory
    • Setpoint capabilities0 internal buzzer and external relay devices
    • Four RS-232 ports: printer, scanner, setpoint or PC
    • Built in real time clock

Retail Scale

Rice Lake RS-130


    Standard Features
    • Rechargeable battery or 115 VAC operation
    • Toggle between lb/kg/oz
    • Eight PLU keys for direct price lookups
    • Cash back calculation
    • Large stainless steel platter
    • Easy-to-read customer display
    • In-use cover
    • 89 PLUs for indirect price lookups
    • Battery charge indicator
    • NTEP-certified Legal-for-Trade


CLS-420 (Cargo Lift Scale)

• NTEP-certified, 5,000 lb

• Two 5,000 lb stainless steel load cells

• Compatible with Class II forklift, 16" cleat style carriage

• Mechanical overload stops promote scale longevity

and accuracy

• Panoramic, 6" x 20-3/4" view port

• Reinforced cover plate protects load cells and junction box

from debris

• Welded centering pin ensures proper alignment and prevents

scale from lateral movement

• Two-channel iQUBEฎ

• Cal-Match™ algorithm automatically trims and calibrates scale

Wired Version

• Coiled interface cable from scale to indicator

Wireless Version

• ZigBee™ connection from scale to indicator

• Two lithium-ion smart batteries included

Note: Scale operates using one battery for 24 continuous hours

and requires only eight hours to fully charge.

• External battery charger

920iฎ Indicator

• Stainless steel enclosure

• Two-piece mounting assembly with vibration isolators

• 4.6" W x 3.4" H, back-lit LCD graphical display (320 x 240 pixels)

• User program with data collection and transaction storage

including: pro number, pro open/closed, employee ID, last

transaction, time and date, actual weight and number of skids

• Internal memory of 1 MB for transaction records

• Diagnostics to indicate excessive drift, A/D failures, connection

errors, excitation voltage shifts and more

• On/Off toggle switch for forklift battery conservation

• Battery hours remaining displayed as bar graph on main

screen (wireless version)

Additional 920i Indicator options:

• Symbolฎ barcode scanner

• WLAN card for real time data transmission to warehouse

management system. Indicator alerts operators of potential

errors and initiates e-mail of error notification.

(WLAN compatible with the following security protocols:

WPA-PSK, TKIP encryption and 64/128-bit WEP.)

• Indicator corner protection kit (includes corner pads

with adhesive strips)






• Fast, low-cost parts counting for taking inventory

• Count totalization up to 1 million counts

• Accuracy of ฑ 0.1%

• Tare: up to 100% of capacity

• Zero: up to 100% of capacity

• Units of measure: lb/kg

• 5,000 lb capacity in one-pound increments

• Push-button print of gross, net, tare, total and count total

• Displays gross, net and tare weight

• Weight totalization up to 100,000 lb

• Adjustable baud rates from 75 to 9600

• Low-cost operation on 9 D cell batteries

• Quick verification of incoming/outgoing freight

• Instant check of truck loading by weight

• Large, easy-to-read 0.8" six-digit LED

(Light Emitting Diode) display

• Adjustable display update/weight averaging

• Selectable AZT off, 0.6, 1, or 3 graduations

• Mild steel



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