Eye-Level Physician Scale
Detecto's model 339 features a height rod in inches and centimeters. The platform cover is easily removed for cleaning. The die-cast beam is dual reading, so it can be easily read from either side, and measures in BOTH pounds and kilograms.

Detecto continues to set the pace in the clinical scale industry, backed by over a century of leadership. Every Detecto physician scale features a time-honored reputation for rigid construction and precision engineering. This assures an unbeatably rugged product that guarantees accuracy and durability. All Detecto scales are tested with weights traceable to the U.S. Bureau of Standards.



Wheelchair Scale
The model 495 and 4951 stationary mechanical beam scales provide the economical answer to the weighing of patients in wheelchairs. Its quality is inherited from Detecto's eye-level physician scale and incorporates a precision die cast weigh beam which is easily read from either side. The weigh beam is located at a height above the platform where the patient or attendant can perform the weighing operation. The ramp is removable and is covered with a non-skid mat. The die-cast, dual-sided beam is graduated in 1/4 lb (or .1 kg) increments for easy readability.

Customers specializing in the care of nonambulatory patients provided information which was transferred into features and benefits of these scales, evident the first time you use the scale!


Detecto - VET330WH Digital Vet Scale




VET330WH Digital Veterinary Scale with Wheels and Handle
This economical, portable scale with a remote weight display is the ideal scale for medium to large size animals. The VET330WH features rechargeable battery power and comes with an AC adapter. The scale’s light weight combined with wheels and carrying handle make it ultra portable to allow the weighing to come to the patient.


Detecto - AS-330D Intelligent Scale Base with Remote Display






AS-330D Intelligent Scale Base with Remote Display
This "legal for trade" economical Intelligent Scale Base has a big weighing capacity (150 lb), yet is still accurate to one half ounce. The display may be mounted on the scale, wall, or counter. The modular serial port allows the scale to be interface with a personal computer. Comes with 6-digit, 1/2" (13mm), 7-segment LED with 6' (1.8m) cable and mounting bracket, and includes 12' (3.7m) computer interface cable. Ball top transfers are available as options


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MSB-25 Bulk Mail Scale
Detecto's MSB-25 bulk mail scale can display weight of a single mailpiece, the number of pieces per pound, or the number of pieces on the scale after entry of a sample, making it a versatile scale for the mailroom or shipping department. Status indicators are included for motion, zero, gross weight, net weight, tare, weight per piece, piece per weight, count, sample, pounds, and pounds-ounces. You can use the rear-mounted serial data interface for connection to an optional printer or computer for output of displayed information. A pullout card is attached underneath the front of the MSB-25 with operating instructions that are readily visible.


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LTF Series Scales with Scoops
The LTF Series "Legal for Trade" Hanging Scales have a double revolution dial with pounds/ounces divisions, 7" (18cm) diameter reading line, and secured zero adjustment, which means these scales are not only extremely easy to read, but are also very accurate. The shatter-resistant lens makes for a durable scale that is easy to maintain. The LTF models come with a stainless steel pan with porous drain holes and hanging chains.


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Stainless Steel Prep Tables
Detecto now offers stainless steel prep tables for institutional kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, or anywhere food is prepared. The tables are available with the option of a recessed area for Detecto’s model PZ digital ingredient scales (click here to see the scales). The insert size is 12.5” W x 12.5” D/32 cm W x 32 cm D - the exact fit for a PZ scale to fi t seamlessly into your table (PZ scale not included).



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